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This would be a great way to make use of the "telephone" room on 6th. We would have to add extra sound proofing to make it a punching room though. | Matthew Chua

The wall sandwich showing leather finish and 2" thick memory foam interlayer may already work for sound absorption. This can be added to the back of door panel too. It will need to be hinged with overlapping inner frame instead of pivoted to allow for a better seal. And then, one more important relieving activity can be added - SCREAMING! | Li Lei, Yu-cheng Koh and Brandon Komoda

I agree. This will work at KPF space. We should add one on the 18th floor as well. | Alex Sojka

Loving this entry. Hanging out position can be quite relaxing, as well as bringing bloot to the brain and increase productivity. Agree with all this would work for KPF. The London office could have a few of these | Pedro Reyna

All of Asia takes naps, why can't we? Brilliant; we might need a few of those of each floor, or else there'll be people fighting to use it. This is the most compelling entry and it could actually happen! | Michael Lin

Are multiple people allowed in at once? | Ping Kwan

Entry #53

The Time-out Closet

by Li Lei, Yu-cheng Koh and Brandon Komoda

Studies have shown that resting for about 30 minutes in the early afternoon improves a person's mood, alertness and productivity. However, providing a suitable space at a workplace is highly challenging. How can we cater for a variety of activities that rest, relieve, relax and repose with minimum space? Our solution is the Time-out Closet.

Juror Comments

Jan-Willem Poels

Good idea, like private space idea, closet is easy to realize