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Beautifully illustrated set of imaginative ideas. Two of the diagrams (chair and chaise) seems to suggest the need for at least 2 rigid infill panels. If placed well they would still work with the rest of the modes. | Li Lei, Yu-cheng Koh and Brandon Komoda

Yes, nice illustration. However, its univerality makes the proposal less convincing -- would be nice if there was a more specific use, and therefore requiring a specific material behavior and geometry. | Kengo Skorick

Entry #19


by Andrew Klare

Inspired from the ancient art of origami, this mat uses triangular seams which house magnets that allow one to fold, overlap, and form any desired shape which would allow one to Rest, Relieve, Relax and Repose. Grommets and pull cord also allow one to fold the mat into a handy bag or comfortable hammock. This mat allow anyone to create anything UCan imagine.