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I wonder if all the boundaries need to be as literal as shown. Love the color.....this 50s turned early 90s turned 2013 SS color is back in the game http://media1.onsugar.com/files/2012/09/38/6/166/1668379/67d45d1157b7510d_152566947.xxxlarge_1/i/Fendi-Spring-2013-Runway.jpg | Laura Peterson

Entry #22


by Brandon Komoda

This purpose built addon for the Aeron chair enables the user to effortlessly focus on working on what's right in front of them by blocking out distractions from the peripheral view. The Blinder also has integrated noise cancelling speakers for that extra level of comfort, without the use of ear plugs or earphones. Need to take a break from all of that focused hard work? Use the Blinder as a comfortable headrest too!!